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New Design + Warpark + River Groves + Blem

Making the music they wanted to hear was the main goal for Jeffrey Lee, Joseph Angilletta, Melissa Angilletta, and Zachary Cattapan when forming alternative-rock act New Design in the suburbs of Brampton, Ontario in 2008. Nine years later, the band has released a six song EP, a ten song album, and they have played hundreds of shows all under the same lineup.

Drawing inspiration from bands such as American Football, Brand New, Moneen, Moving Mountains, and Toe, New Design’s music features dynamic and atmospheric sonic landscapes accompanied by memorable vocal melodies.  Flashes of New Design’s signature sound were first heard in their debut EP Burn Out The Sky (2012) and further defined in the single “The Things We Can’t Forget” (2014). However it is the band’s first ever full-length album Far From Home (2015) (recorded and engineered by Kenny Bridges of Canadian band Moneen) that best represents their emotive live sound; the one that has been captivating fans at their live shows for years.


A 3-piece rock band from NYC. Warpark mixes complex and intentional songwriting with dancy grooves, psychedelic tones, and punk attitude - like Grizzly Bear meets The Pixies through an overdrive pedal.


The River Groves are a four piece that effortlessly blends indie, alternative, and a hint of punk. They weave a dynamic rhythm section with effects-driven guitar lines and a hypnotic vocal delivery


Blem are an alternative/indie rock band based out of Brampton, Ontario. Their sound is driven by Pixies-esque guitar lines and silky-smooth vocals that will cut deep into your skin and linger until you fall asleep, and come back to haunt you in your dreams.