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In The Now / Keaton Beyer / Honey Pot / Tom Preisler


In The Now-
Keaton Beyer 
Honey Pot
Tom Preisler- (acoustic) 

Tom Preisler (Youth) Bio

Psychedelic, Lou Reed like bliss. 
Youth is vibrant, beautiful and everything you’d expect from a seasoned music veteran. The Toronto based band founded in 2015, after the break up of his former bands Bombs, The Shelters and many others. Tom Preisler, the brain child behind the band has lashed out on his own. With this amazing EP he creates instrumentals and odd soundscapes that sound like they could be part of any classic brit rock groups repertoire, from The Stone Roses to Radiohead. He then sinks into the song “Seasons” which you will swear is actually The Velvet Underground. Then on the following track it delves into sounding like 70’s John Lennon and then back to the 60’s for the track “Calendar Girl” which is not far in formula to Sedaka’s song of the same name. Either way the psychedelic 60’s that most bands reach to recreate is easily and perfectly re-created here along with sprinkles of modern times. Their debut EP is now available via New Jersey indie rock label Mint 400 Records.


In The Now

is an American 3 piece band . Blasting out  a steady dose of different since 2016. 


A craigslist concoction forged through the missed connections. Their new album is turning heads by using the ears for leverage .

Our sound:

Minamilist vocal heavy stoner rock 

The Band:

A bass playing socialist sympathizer

cross pollinated  with a 

day trader by day drummer by night  phenom.

Spliced with  GMO-free keyboards of doom .