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Cassie Norton and Kidgrit jump into Spring


Kid Grit:
Kid Grit is
Wesley Blondin’s expressive voice singing at times thought provoking, at times heart wrenching lyrics, accompanied by the warm harmonies of his guitar OR the miraculous amount of dirt that always accumulates on ones body after a really fun day playing outside, which in the end amounts to the same thing. Expect to have a change of heart, or atleast a trip to your heart, and maybe (hopefully) a sing along. 



Cassie Norton:
At times fragile and sweet, at other times strong, bold and even harsh, this Toronto based singer-songwriter tells the stories behind her lyrics with sound. Cassie is a violinist/folk leaning tunesmith with a punk rock heart. She uses her violin, octave violin, guitar, ukulele and the sound of her own raw voice to make her words dance. Her music works best with a band of improvisers who bring their own personalities and histories, making each performance different. She is overjoyed to be preparing for this show with Patrick O'Reilly (guitar), Wes Neal (bass), Thistle Strum (drums), Tristan Murphy (vocals, accordion, trumpet), and John Williams (clarinet).




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