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PORTER was born and raised within a couple hours of Toronto, Canada.
Since he left he's spent a great deal of time traveling the world.
It was during this time adrift that he educated himself on guitar and harmonica.
He has also become a very interesting song writer with a growing song catalogue ranging on many topics.
Onstage, the modern day troubadour seems to comfortably shine.
He keeps the crowds attention not only with great songs, but even between songs with his off color sense of humor and hilarious traveling stories.

Porter enjoys playing, writing and performing so much that he's making it a full time effort.
He gave up a good job and a cozy home to move to Nashville in Jan/09.
He spent the next several months improving his skills, paying his dues and learning the music business.
The west has always called to him so he answerd by "selling what I didn’t need" and moving into his new home. A 99 Dodge Caravan!
All to be able to afford moving to San Francisco.
There he met producer Scott Mathews (who has worked with such artists as Van Morrison, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Elvis Costello)
The result was his debut studio album titled PORTER - HIT THE ROAD
With the studio work complete Porter cruised back to Canada playing the Vancouver area.
He single handedly set up what turned out to be a successful summer cross Canada tour following the release of the album! He spent this last summer on another self booked tour through the U.K.

In a music scene where musicians are working full and part time jobs to make ends meet, Porter has proved he can make the sacrifices needed to go after what he wants, 100%. "Music is an amazing tool! It's the key to a locked door, It's more than entertainment, It can change people's lives!
Hell, it sure has changed mine. I hope I can inspire others to go after what they want from this life".

Keep your eyes on this troubadour! He’s proven that he’s got what it takes. He now needs your support!!
“Having put some miles under my feet, I now realize that if you can simply believe in yourself, then others will believe in you too."
"I’m standing on the edge of it all" says Porter.