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Yellowfront / Basketball Knees / Tiptoes


"Yellowfront is an indie dream-rock band from southern Vermont. Their music carries the earnest spirit of early 90's acts like Daniel Johnston and Built to Spill while calling to mind the the warm and sparkling musical qualities of Galaxie 500, Mazzy Star and the early Flaming Lips. Catchy guitar hooks and booming drums carry softhearted melodies through songs about rain clouds, magic, and mornings. The band is currently touring Canada and the eastern United States in support of their new self-titled record."


Basketball Knees

  “Three ingredients, maximum flavour!” Okay, sure, when chef Gennaro Contaldo said this, he was talking about pasta, but he could easily have been describing the music of Basketball Knees. Featuring the three-kneed attack of Joel Wheeler, Amye Sagar and Stefan Dos Santos, the band is based out of Toronto, though comes from Nelson B.C., La Feria, Texas and Whitby, Ontario respectively. Despite being a trio, the band does as much as it can with their minimal set-up, including switching instruments and main vocal duties, to deliver catchy, surprising and tightly crafted scuzz-pop nuggets. Formed initially by Wheeler and his friend, the elusive Peter Crisis, after a game of pickup basketball ended in a gruesome wound, Basketball Kneesʼ ethos was formed around this midway point between an inside joke and an injury. Joined by Coach Calvin Tse on drums, Crisis stepped aside, giving his spot to Amye Sagar. This lineup recorded their first album, Crisis Factory in 2016. Shortly after, Calvin also parted ways with the band, replaced by Stefan Dos Santos. With their newest album, Tank, the band has refined and expanded on their sound by adding Sagarʼs songwriting, harmonies and cymbal-stand guitar shredding into the mix along with Dos Santosʼ energetic and propulsive drumming. Self recorded and sitting in the mid-fi range of DIY, the album blends humour with more serious anxieties, big hooks, some quiet moments, and more than a few screams and blasts of fuzz for good measure."



Tiptoes' sound could be compared to waking up early for Saturday morning cartoons, or the smell of a freshly mowed lawn, or maybe even eating sliced peaches in the shade. With songs of innocence and joy, discovery and wonder, the Toronto-based group brings a refreshing dose of honesty and hope to the indie rock scene. Prepare to have your heartstrings tugged!  

Earlier Event: December 12
Later Event: December 15
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