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The Escapist Music + Júlio Falcão

The Escapist Music is a Pop/Rock/Alternative Canadian artist from Montreal. He is a musician, singer, songwriter and composer, and plays various musical instruments. Arnaud Dagenais was born just by the end of the eighties, in 1989. The youth of the artist included all genres of music, from classical to rock. Very early, the artist wanted to create music and started to play guitar and sing. Getting more inspired and creative, he shaped his sound to start following his dreams. Fully dedicated to succeed, his way of life led him to a better understanding of the world around him, and pushed his musical creativity by being easily connected to emotions. In 2010, the artist played his very first gig and continued to perform until today. Arnaud kept working on new songs and has performed shows in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto and New York City, while constantly working on his art. The Escapist Music released two official singles and were both independently released. « Love Like Gravity » and « All I Need » were acclaimed by his music fans, who are now reaching a total of 3000, all around the world.

Arnaud is also socially involved in his Montreal community since 2007. He volunteered into youth organizations that empowers youth. The musician also participated in festival organizations and has represented marginalized youth by working as a community worker and by joining the creation of seminars and events. The music work of the artist is also directly reflected into his social work. Throughout his social work career, the artist is helping young people connect with their creativity and is also producing and helping young artists into their own careers.

The Escapist Music is touring in Eastern Canada during 2018 and is working in the studio on his next single « Violence



The Brazilian musician Júlio Falcão has moved the musical scene of Brazil by presenting his shows full of re-readings of world music successes in ONE MAND BAND style. The artist plays classic songs from bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zepellin, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, U2, Coldplay, Tears for Fears, Men at Work, and many others. In addition to individual work, Júlio Falcão is also a musician from other regional bands integrating a lot of gig’s. When he presents in bars, the style of the singer is very varied, starting with rock and pop, reggae, blues.

Interested in music from an early age, at age 15 he sought to develop singing, which has always been his passion, even before the guitar. Autodidact, Falcão applied with dedication to the musical learning, always counting on the support of friends. The solo career began in 2004, at local bars, events and private parties. “The will to learn an instrument came more as a need for a complement. My training was totally self-taught. With humility, good friends and a lot of dedication we learn everything you want, “he points out.

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