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Claire Coupland + Lisa Anderson


Claire Coupland: 

Claire is a folk style singer-songwriter based in Toronto, ON. With influences ranging from Joni Mitchell to Jeff Buckley, she has developed her own style of songwriting that often incorporates open guitar tunings and finger-picking style guitar. Her melodies are beautiful yet catchy and unique. She tells stories of love, loss, independence, and friendship through her songs and arrangements.

Claire Coupland brings a graceful contemporary feel to indie folk. Lush with full and beautiful instrumentation, moving soulful vocals, addictive melodies, her newest EP, "For You", brings elements of alternative and even jazz to the songs. The songs build, breathe and are written without losing the emotional platform great songs come from.


Lisa Anderson:


Lisa Anderson’s silly, fierce, perky, and passionate indie-pop reflects the struggles and joys of embracing all life has to offer – the dark, the blissful, and the grey in between.


Anderson has captivated audiences around the world with her “beautiful and powerful voice,” as described by Pablo Garcinuño of Spain’s Los 4 Palos Blog. Her self-titled debut album was sponsored and promoted by Spain’s nation-wide radio network Los 40 Principales. She has performed in Spain, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Canada.


Since returning to Calgary in 2015, Anderson won an honourable mention at the 2015 Calgary Folk Festival song writing competition for her song “Beautiful Night” and has received praise from the local community. “She is a total package entertainer,” says Lisa Dodd, CCMA award winner. She regularly performs around Canada and is will be releasing her second album “A Hundred Lives” in September 2017.