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Wei Zhongle // Nick Storring Band // Bears & Childrean // Mirapolis

Next Level Syndicate presents...

███▓▒░░WEI ZHONGLE (Chicago)░░▒▓███

Wei Zhongle's current level of praise in the DIY circles of Chicago are no surprise to anybody who's had the pleasure of witnessing their live show. Currently touring on the release of their latest full length album, Nu-Trance, the trio (Rob Jacobs guitar/vox, John McCowen clarinet/electronics, Sam Klickner drums) is making their first steps into Toronto, although Rob Jacobs isn't entirely unfamiliar with the GTA, having played two shows in Toronto in the last year. They are also signed to NNA Tapes.

"There are many nods toward Chinese music, likely inspired by the ensemble's namesake, who was a multi-instrumentalist on a variety of Chinese traditional instruments and founder of the Traditional Instruments department at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music."

"Jacobs sings with a nasal tone reminsiscent of Far Eastern traditional styles (Thai, Balinese, Japanese, Chinese) and in scales that do not fit the Western major/minor dichotomy. All in all, Wei Zhongle is one of the most fascinating American bands right now, and a real joy to discover."

███▓▒░░NICK STORRING BAND (Toronto)░░▒▓███

Nick Storring (Picastro, I Have Eaten the City, Bespoken) has garnered a considerable reputation as both a composer and live presence with commissions from Eve Egoyan and Arraymusic, festival appearances at Obey Convention and Vancouver New Music, and opening slots for Arthur's Landing and Ben Frost. Since releasing "Gardens" (Scissor Tail Editions) and "Endless Conjecture" (Orange Milk Records) last year to acclaim in various publications, he has recently formed the Nick Storring Band, assembling several noted local players to perform all new material. Featuring Germaine Liu (also of Picastro), Brandon Valdivia (of Mas Aya/ Not The Wind, Not The Flag), and celebrated chamber composers John Mark Sherlock (of neither/nor) and Jason Doell (of Nidus, Les Heures, and Autoportrait) these innovative players are poised to deliver the immersive textures and unexpected turns instrumental colour found on his celebrated recording. 

"The sheer ambition Storring demonstrates through painstakingly composing and arranging this work is commendable on its own. That the ultimate result is so utterly gorgeous is almost beyond words. 9/10" -Exclaim! on Gardens

"One of the Top 10 bands/ artists to watch in 2015" — BlogTO

███▓▒░░BEARS & CHILDREN (Toronto)░░▒▓███

Bears & Children have not been a band for all that long in Toronto, but they are already making waves in the music community, most notably a write-up by Weird Canada for their 2014 release, # fLEXTHEWAVE. The trio of York graduates consists of Aaron Corbet, Kieran Maraj and Ben Sirois. 

"Stuck on the 400, somewhere around Bradford. Condensation forms on the windows as the faulty Gameboy you dug out of the closet sputters through you mindlessly passing the next level.

That night, exhausted, frantic, unable to sleep, channel-surfing late at night, everything is imbued with interference from CKVR. You look for the lightswitch, but when the dim bulb lights up, only kosmische vapours emanate. Eyes to heaven, you get no response."

"Through crashing drums comes instrumentally brooding moments that make way to electro glitches. Some static fade gives way to an upbeat drum machine loop which sounds a lot like a scene out of a Carnival (or also the Atari game of the same name)"

███▓▒░░MIRAPOLIS (Toronto)░░▒▓███

Mirapolis remains a puzzling trio, having played a handful of shows over the last two years around Toronto. With no known recordings, live or otherwise, they operate within a perpetual shroud of mystery. Having personally witnessed them perform on a multitude of occasions, I can certainly assert that these three musicians (Luan Phung/guitar, Chris Rennie/tenor saxaphone, Noah Sherman/Drums) pack quite a punch. You'll just have to come early to find out what these three guys are all about.

MUSIC @ 9:30