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Batfish // Animal Party // Downturns // Chyps // the Mistakes

We're throwing a party at The Cavern Bar on August 14th. It's to celebrate the summer equinox or something, I don't know, who cares. It's a party. 

Cover is $15, $10 if you're on the guestlist. Ask the bands to get you a spot.

The Cavern is a beautiful little intimate bar and music venue near Church and King. It really is a great place to see (and play) local music.

The bands:

Batfish 930-1005
Stax records resurrected. If Otis Redding and 311 had a baby, it'd cry the sweet music of Batfish. Do yourself a favor and listen here:]

CHYPS 1005-1040
I don't want to spoil this one for you. Come out and see for yourself what these guys are made of--probably ectoplasm or something.

The Mistakes 1040-1115
The Mistakes roll up uninvited wearing the clothes they slept in. They mooch booze and try to hit on your girlfriend. They cover one Japandroids song repeatedly for two hours. They are not welcome here anymore. Just kidding, they're our favorites. We like to think of them as happy accidents. They are The Mistakes.

Downturns 1115-1150
They're like The Tragically Hip meets Talking Heads. The Talking Hips?

Animal Party 1150-1225
In 1985, Beach House and Kavinski had a tryst in japan. This is their lovechild.

Colour Zero 1225-100
American Football meets Kings of Leon. Kings of America?

Come check 'em out! We'll be doing it big and taking it easy as per BEN tradition.