We believe that  innovation and social change arise when people from different backgrounds come together. With its multipurpose and versatile space, the Cavern facilitates networking opportunities, exchanges between local businesses and travellers, and the development of new ideas. 

Fully functioning working environment with WIFI and printing devices
› Readily available audiovisual equipment               
  (screens, stage, microphones, etc.)
› Private areas to hold meetings
› Drinks and food available all day    



My name is Desmond and I’ve been the General Operations Manager at the HI Toronto hostel for over 13 years. HI Toronto is a non-for-profit establishment and part of a global community of hostels. Each year, we cumulate more than 55,000 overnights. Our guests come from all over the globe to enjoy what the city and country have to offer.

I’ve always been a firm believer of working together within the community and it has been such a pleasure to see the evolution of this neighborhood over the years. When I started working at the hostel in February 2003, the environment was much different. I’m proud to share some of the same successes experienced by the neighborhood. A little over four years ago, we opened our Cavern Bar and Bistro nestled in the basement of the hostel and it quickly became a space where both guest and locals could mingle. 

Last year, along with my CEO, I joined another social collective in Toronto and my first thoughts were how this mirrored the community space of a backpacker hostel. Now, we wish to take this space opportunity and share it with our neighbours.

The Cavern may be used to hold meetings, run interviews, develop new partnerships, have lunch or even, celebrate. You can also participate to our hiring clinics, where you can take advantage of a large pool of interested candidates.

We look forward to welcoming you! 

Desmond, HI Toronto