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Pink Lincolns + TV Sets

The Pinc Lincolns ( and TV Sets ( 

THE PINC LINCOLNS…Biography Of An Idea

The Pinc Lincolns began as the house band for CiCi’s, a decrepit East Vancouver house-cum- venue and party space that has since been demolished and paved over by a luxury condo development.  With CiCi’s gone The Pinc Lincolns relocated briefly to Toronto and now currently slum it in the deep isolation of Winnipeg.  While we can speak of The Pinc Lincolns we are really speaking about Daniel Colussi, the one constant member of a fluid group of like-minded heads.  Privileging chance and failure over stasis and safety, The Pinc Lincolns burn like a wheel on fire spinning down the highway.  They leave a black trail behind them. They make the blacktop blacker.

Somewhere between the road and the wall,

between late night and the blue morning light,

between keeping it together and utterly falling apart you will find The Pinc Lincolns.

Surf guitar and synth wash up on a shore of glinting, lost samples. Fuzzy male/female vocals rise from the surf, shake off the sand, and unwrap a summer spread crafted from classic bedroom pop ingredients.

Earlier Event: October 24
Copy of Acoustic Open Mic