The bar opens at 11am.  Shows are 19+ unless negotiated in advance before your booking.

> Specify if this is meant to be anything other than our usual 19+ policy. 

> Currently we have the capacity for 47 guests which is in the process of being increased.

> Our venue is ideal for acoustic, or indie pop rock, alternative, folk cover bands and jazz and blues. It is not unfortunately suitable for heavy rock, rap or thrash metal. All ages shows can be booked with the understanding that security will be required at a cost of $150 + taxes.

> Make every show an event. Just because you’ve booked a show doesn’t mean anyone will show up unless you heavily promote it. Utilize flyering, emails, and social media to invite as many people as possible to your show. 

> Communicate – we will help you promote, get listed in all the local magazines and blogs, but you gotta tell us what’s going on!

> We strongly encourage each band to adopt a Pay What You Can or Pass the Hat policy at the door that way your music can reach more people and no one is turned away.

> Due to the venue being part of a hostel, hostel guests must be guaranteed free entry by presenting their hostel card at the door.

> Become familiar with our venue and calendar of upcoming shows.

Learn about the venue, stage size, etc. Come out to The Cavern for other shows prior to your show. Meet as many people as you can and invite them to come and hear you.  Personal invitations go a long way.

Attend our Open Mic night’s on Sunday or Tuesday.



Technical Specifications 

  • QSC Touch Mix 16 channel Mixing Console

  • 2 x Mackie SRM 450 powered speakers

  • 1 x Crest Performance LQ-10p speaker
  • 1 x Mackie SRM 450 monitor
  • 4 x SM58 microphones
  • 1 x SH55 microphone
  • 4 LED halogen stage lights
  • Fog machine
  • 1 x Eccler Nuo DJ mixer
  • 2 x Pioneer CDJ 200 CD players
  • All necessary mic stands and XLRs, cables, drum carpet, etc.


  • TAMA house drum kit (minus breakables), includes all hardware (throne/stool, kick pedal, 3 cymbal stands, 2 rack toms, floor tom, bass drum)
  • Bass Head & Cab = TRAYNOR Dynabass 400H - Yorkville Bass Cab 410 - 8ohms / 500watts
  • Guitar Amp = Hughes Kettner Attax 100 hybrid tube amp
  • Epiphone electric guitar

Stage Area 

  • 10.5’(w) x 8’(d)
  • No drum riser
  • No dressing rooms
  • Load in access from the main entrance of the bar / hostel on Church Street

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