• The bar opens at 11 a.m.  

  • Shows are 19+ (Unless negotiated in advance before your booking).
    • Specify if this is meant to be anything other than our usual 19 + policy. 
  • Currently we have the capacity for 47 guests which is in the process of being increased.
  • Our venue is ideal for acoustic, or indie pop rock, alternative, folk cover bands and jazz and blues. It is not unfortunately suitable for heavy rock, rap or metal.
  • All ages shows can be booked with the understanding that security will be required at a cost of $150 + taxes.
  • Make every show an event. >> Just because you’ve booked a show doesn’t mean anyone will show up unless you heavily promote it.  
  • We strongly encourage each band to adopt a "Pay What You Can" policy at the door that way your music can reach more people and no one is turned away.
  • Due to the venue being part of a hostel, hostel guests must be guaranteed free entry by presenting their hostel card at the door.
  • For the same reason, music has to stop at midnight.
  • Become familiar with our venue and calendar of upcoming shows.
  • Learn about the venue, stage size,etc.
  • Come out to The Cavern for other shows prior to your show.
  • Meet as many people as you can and invite them to come and hear you.  
  • Personal invitations go a long way.

Technical Specifications

  • QSC Touch Mix 16 channel Mixing Console

  • 2 x Mackie SRM 450 powered speakers

  • 1 x Crest Performance LQ-10p speaker
  • 1 x Mackie SRM 450 monitor
  • 4 x SM58 microphones
  • 1 x SH55 microphone
  • 4 LED halogen stage lights
  • Fog machine
  • 1 x Eccler Nuo DJ mixer
  • 2 x Pioneer CDJ 200 CD players
  • All necessary mic stands and XLRs, cables, drum carpet, etc.


  • TAMA house drum kit (minus breakables), includes all hardware (throne/stool, kick pedal, 3 cymbal stands, 2 rack toms, floor tom, bass drum)
  • Bass Head & Cab = TRAYNOR Dynabass 400H - Yorkville Bass Cab 410 - 8ohms / 500watts
  • Guitar Amp = Hughes Kettner Attax 100 hybrid tube amp
  • Epiphone electric guitar

Stage Area 

  • 10.5’(w) x 8’(d)
  • No drum riser
  • No dressing rooms
  • Load in access from the main entrance of the bar / hostel on Church Street

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